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B­-Open has been taking care of the design and development of a monitoring system of alien marine species in the Mediterranean.
alien marine species
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ISPRA Alien Marine Species

ISPRA Alien Marine Species

Design and development of the system for monitoring alien marine species in the Mediterranean.

ISPRA SMA: Alien marine species monitoring system

Project reference period: 2014 –on going
Founded by: ISPRA – Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale

B-Open’s Role

B­Open has been taking care of the design and development of the system for the monitoring of alien marine species in the Mediterranean addressed to scientists, fishermen and ordinary citizens (citizen science).

System Description

  • Backend side: server connected to the geographical relational database for storing the observations, providing the authentication and work­flow engine and generating XML files with ABCDDNA format.
  • Frontend side: a web­GIS application for signaling and processing of alien marine species observations, likely provided with pictures, texts, geographical info and link to the reference database WORMS; a mobile Android app with GIS functionalities for signaling alien marine species along with pictures, texts an geographical info.


• Linux Operating System Ubuntu 14.04
• Database management system with geographical extensions (PostgreSQL together with PostGIS extensions)
• Geoserver, a geographical data server
• Python for web application and for work­flow engine.
• Javascript (OpenLayers), HTML5 for interactive maps (web­GIS, web­GIS mobile)
• Android Java for Android app